Dr. Hardware 2021/21.8.0

- Support for further AMD Ryzen Renoir APUs
- Support for AMD AGESA version
- Detailled support for Intel Pineview Atom processors, further Whiskey Lake Core i3 processors, Skylake and Kaby Lake Refresh Pentium and Celeron processors
- Detailled support for Intel Grantsdale and Alderwood chipsets (915/925)
- Details about Intel processor graphics on Kaby Lake processors
- Support for Nuvoton NCT6683D, NCT6686D and NCT6687D sensor chips
- Support for Windows 11
- detects, whether app is running in Virtual Machine (+ VM identifickation of Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare, VirtualBox)
- Windows/Apps: Support for the user(s), apps have been installed for and whether it was installed in the common or (x86) program folder
- improved support for AMD K8 and K10 processors (incl. processor tree)
- Bios Viewer: Support for memory addresses above BIOS area (00100000h bis FFFFFFFFh)
- System Benchmark: new reference values

- AMD K8 processors in processor tree
- Pixel Clock of AMD Ryzen APUs
- Little bug in Windows/Apps

Dr. Hardware 2021/21.6.0

- Support for new Intel Tiger Lake Desktop and Mobile processors
- Support for some further Intel Comet Lake processors
- Support for further Intel Cascade Lake Server and Workstation Xeon processors (Scalable Xeon/2nd Gen)
- Details about Intel processor graphics of Comet Lake processors
- Support for Intel Ice Lake Scalable Xeon Server processors/3rd Generation
- Detailled support for Intel Gemini Lake and Gemini Lake Refresh Pentium and Celeron processors
- Extended support for Intel Apollo Lake, Elkhart Lake and Cherry Trail Pentium, Celeron and Atom processors
- Support for AMD 3000 Series Mobile APUs (3015e/3020e) and further Athlon APUs (Dali)
- Processor temperature support for AMD Ryzen Family 19h
- Specific SMART support for some Intenso SATA SSDs and general SMART support for all SATA SSD drives

- DEP (Data Execution Prevention) Status inquiry

Dr. Hardware 2021/21.5.0

- Support for new Tiger Lake H Mobile processors (Core i5,7,9 and Xeon) and Intel Rocket Lake Workstation Xeon processors
- Support for Turbo Max for all AMD Ryzen processors
- Support for further AMD Ryzen Renoir and Cezanne processors
- Detailled Support for AMD EPYC processors (Naples, Rome, Milan, Snowy Owl)
- Support for Intel chipsets W580, Q570, HM570, QM580, WM590 and H420E
- SMART Support for WD Blue, Green, Red SSDs
- SCSI: detailed information about native SCSI harddisks (various Log Sense and Mode Sense data including HDA temperature)
- SCSI Benchmark: Support for current Windows versions (native SCSI drives only)
- User interface optimizations
- Support for many further integrated Intel Graphics devices
- Details about Intel Graphics controllers on Tiger Lake and Rocket Lake processors
- Socket and Turbo Max support for Intel Skylake processors, support for Skylake Pentium/Celeron processors
- Support for Intel Lakefield Mobile processors
- Support for Intel Nehalem and Westmere Core i3/5/7 processors (TDP, socket, Turbo Max)
- Windows/Security: DEP (Data Execution Prevention) Support and Status added

- SCSI: Misdetection of CD ROM device type in some cases
- Misdetection of a few Intel Skylake Core i processors
- Device names of some Intel Graphics controllers
- Socket and Code name of some Intel Tiger Lake processors
- potentially wrong data for some newer chipsets
- sligthly imperfect placement of several Intel processors into processor tree

Dr. Hardware 2021 21.4.5

- Support for new Intel Tiger Lake Core i5/7/9 and Comet Lake Core i3 and Pentium Gold processors
- Support for AMD Ryzen 5000G Desktop and Ryzen PRO 5000U Mobile APUs
- Improved Support for AMD Ryzen Lucienne APus
- Support for new Intel and AMD processor features
- Support for further Intel Cache/TLB descriptors
- Support for Intel H310C Chipset
- improved Microarchitecture/Codename designation for Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Comet Lake processors
- SATA/SSD Analyse:
- Temperature statistics for harddisks added (Min/Max values, Lifetime Min/Max values etc.)
- Support for Airflow Temperature
- System Overview: improved with more concise information
- System test: refined evaluation of high harddisk temperatures
- Details about AMD chipsets (Features, Processor support, Bus speed, TDP etc.)
- Support for further AMD Hudson/Bolton Fusion Controller Hubs (FCH), more accurate description
- Revision for Intel Series 5,6,7,8,9,100,200,300,400 and 500 Chipsets added
- Support for new Processor microarchitectures in Processor tree
- Detailed information (TDP, Socket, Turbo frequency) about further Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge Gladden processors
- Support for Intel GMA 900 and GMA 3100 Graphics Controller
- PC Health: preliminary Support for IT8688E, IT8689E and IT8695E Sensor chips
- Windows: Support for 21H1 Update
- Security: Support for Windows Defender Firewall
- System Benchmark: new reference values

Bug fixes:
- Naming of DDR-2-667 memory chips
- Detection of some Intel Pentium Gold processors (Comet Lake)
- ZEN Generation of some AMD Ryzen processors


Dr. Hardware 2021 21.4.0

- Support for AMD Ryzen 5000H/U Mobile Processors (Cezanne)
- Support for Intel Core i5 Rocket Lake S processors
- Support for Intel Series 500 Chipsets (H510, H570, B560, Z590)
- Support for Core Steppings (Revision) of practically all newer Intel and AMD processors
- Support for Intel Comet Lake and Tiger Lake microarchitecture updated
- detailled information about all newer Intel chipsets (Code name, Bus, Segment, USB/PCI Express/DRAM/SATA/eSATA/M.2/Overclocking Support etc.)
- detailed Support for Intel Kaby Lake Xeon, Cascade Lake Xeon and many further Ivy Bridge and Haswell mobile/desktop processors
- improved detection and extended analysis of all Intel Core Architecture processores (Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Solo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme Quad, Celeron M, Pentium M and various other Celeron and Pentium models - thus support for Penryn, Penryn-XE, Penryn-QC, Merom, Merom-XE, Allendale, Wolfdale-3M, Conroe, Conroe-L, Yorkfield-3M/6M/12M, Kentsfield, Yonah, Dothan, Banias CPUs)
- extended information about microarchitecture (incl. process technology), TDP, processor voltage, socket and FSB frequency for Kentsfield, Tigerton, Clovertown, Woodcrest, Dunnington, Harpertown, Yorkfield and Conroe Xeon processors
- preliminary Support for Intel Alder Lake-S/P processors
- SMART Support for further ADATA, Kingston, Transcend, Crucial, KingSpec, KingDian, Liteon, Patriot, Drevo, Zheino, Goodram and Phison SSD drives
- Socket info for all Coffee Lake, Kaby Lake and Amber Lake processors
- Support for Intel C602, C602J, C604, C606, C608, C621, C622, C624, C625, C626, C627, C628, C629,C232, C236, C242, C246 Server and 8900 Series Communication chipsets

- minor bugs in data for some Intel Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake processors

Dr. Hardware 2021 21.3.0

- New! Portable version available
- allows to copy files to desired folder and to start program from there
- registered users can use both the installable and the portable version with their registration key (no additional costs)
- Important! Program folder must have write access rights (it can´t be executed from r/o media like DVD thus)

- Monitor analysis considerably enhanced:
- shows supported resolutions, pixel width and sync details
- Support for numerous further monitor vendors
- now with chromaticity diagram, visualizing the monitor´s color space

- Support for new Intel processor lines
- Rocket Lake desktop processores
- Tiger Lake H35 Mobile processors
- Elkhart Embedded Processors (Atom, Pentium, Celeron)
- Jasper Lake-M Pentium and Celeron processors)
- Cooper Lake Xeon Gold/Platinum Server processors
- further Comet Lake Core i and XEON processors
- further Intel Coffee Lake Xeon and Skylake Xeon processors

- refined microarchitecture determination on Intel Comet Lake and Tiger Lake processors
- detailed support for Ivy Bridge, Haswell and Broadwell desktop/mobile processors
- TDP, max Turbo Clock, Socket and Bus Type for hundreds of Intel Xeon E3/E5/E7 processors (Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell)
- Support for Intel Netburst based Xeon processors in processor tree
- improved support for Nvidia ION chipsets
- detects many new Intel graphics controllers
- SMART support for various Toshiba, ADATA, Kingston and JMicron SSDs
- new system benchmark reference values

- bug in SATA analysis, which could cause no-data results
- potential bug in dvd drives detection
- small bug in AMD processor tree (Family 08h)
- Processor/Visualization: slightly incorrect CPU clock values
- USB: incomplete data in case of missing string descriptors
- minor bugs in navigation bar and toolbar
- several further minor bugs

Dr. Hardware 2021 21.2.0

- New: Shows user processor embedded into processor tree, containing all major processor lines from 1978

- New: Improved and completely redesigned USB analysis

- USB Bus structure shown in treeview (incl. Host Controller, Root Hubs and Sub Hubs)
- Indication of USB Speed for each port
- new: detects about 20.000 USB devices

- New: Devices/Graphics Adapter: detailed analysis via Open CL
- New: Device and SMART info for USB harddisks (that are internally (S)ATA drives)
- Support for new Intel Tiger Lake and further Ice Lake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Whiskey Lake, Comet Lake, Comet Lake-S Core i, and Pentium and Celeron processors
- Support for AMD Ryzen 5000 (Zen 3), Ryzen 4000 Desktop, Ryzen 4000 mobile APus (Renoir), Embedded Ryzen (Banded Kestrel), Embedded Ryzen V2000 APU´s (Grey Hawk), Ryzen Refresh (Pinnacle Ridge, Matisse) incl. 3600XT, 3800XT, 3900XT and Ryzen Threadripper 39xxWX, Ryzen Threadripper Colfax, Ryzen 3/Athlon Dali, Hygon Dhyana Soc processors
- Full support for Intel 400 Series Desktop, Mobile and Workstation chipsets (B460, H410, H470, Z490, Q470, HM470, QM480, WM490, W480)
- Support for Intel Iris Xe and Intel GMA Graphics Devices
- Support for max Turbo Boost clockrate for Tiger Lake, Comet Lake, Ice Lake, Whiskey Lake, Amber Lake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and Sandy Bridge processors
- Support for microarchitecture and lithography on numerous older processors (Pentium, Pentium M, P6, Intel Core Microarchitecture)
- RAPL support for AMD Ryzen (energy consumption)
- GPU clock and max memory support added for AMD Ryzen CPUs/APUs
- improved RAPL report on many Intel processors incl. XEON models, more precise measurements on various Intel Atom prrocessors
- Improved CPU temperature measurements on many Intel processors due to refined TJMax determination
- Processor temperature measurements on AMD Ryzen models 30h, 60h and 70h
- Support for many new processor features (AMD and Intel)
- Updates: Intel Processor Microcode Updates, Rating Test, reference processors for visualization
- (S)ATA Analysis: Support for bus type und assignment of physical to logical drives
- (S)ATA Analysis: enhanced and updated SMART Support for numerous SanDisk, OCZ, Mushkin, Apacer, Micron and Crucial SSD harddisks
- SCSI Analysis: additional Inquiry data
- Monitor test: new tests (Pixel error, reaction time detection)
- System Benchmark: new reference results
- Improved processor feature categorization
- Improved support for AMD processor family 06H (K7): (Athlon, Athlon XP, Duron, Sempron)
- Mainboard/Bios: Support for Secure Boot Status
- Mainboard/Ports: Port name/outside added
- SMBus and Serial Presence Detect Support for Intel 400 series chipsets
- NVME Drives: Support for Specification 1.4b with additional informations
- PC Health: Support for Nuvoton NCT6797D, NCT6798D
- Temperature notifications adapted to Windows 10 Notification Format
- Windows: Support for Windows Server 2016 and 2019
- Windows: Version, Code and marketing names of Windows 10 updates added
- Windows: Version Support for .NET Core and ASP.NET Core
- Windows: Support for NET Framework 4.8.0
- Support for SMBios 3.4 and 3.4.0c
- Extended enumeration of installed apps
- Support for AMD Ryzen FP6 Socket
- Tests&Tools/Processor usage: now supporting up to 32 cores/threads, improved diagram
- Partitions: support for hidden NTFS and NTFS recovery partition types
- Scanner analysis: lists all installed Twain sources
- SPD DRAM analysis: fixed output of hexadecimal encoded date
- Help updated

User Interface:
- New: High DPI Support
- New: Flexible navigation bar with different styles (Text buttons, Icon button flow panels, narrow Icon button sidebar),
- Toolbar can be dragged into the Non Client Area
- New Color scheme "Office Silver"
- New Color scheme "Dark Mode"
- Improved keyboard interface
- New: Search panel in grids (popup menu Menü - right mouse click)

Registered version license:
- prolongated update support: now one complete Versions cycle (Example: V 2021/Build 21.2 to V 2022/Build 22.2 frei)

- Windows: determination of activation status on very slow systems
- (S)ATA/SMART: Power On Hours on various drives
- Some corrections on internal databases to the benefit of fixing smaller data errors for several Intel CPUs
- Consideration of very small RAPL power values
- Some voltage values on NCT6779D - NCT6792D sensors
- (S)ATA-Analysis: NVME phantom drives
- Report creation: Column headers, text alignment in HTML format, Option "Hide private data" etc.
- System test - unwanted test restart when grid is licked
- Bug in Software/Apps
- CPU/APU names of AMD Ryzen 4000 models fixed
- AMD X570 chipset detection
- Ryzen PRO APUs/Processor detection
- Drives/Partitions: Partition name of GPT partitions
- Drives/Partitions: missing partition info on systems w/o optical drives
- Potential misdetection of various harddisk drives
- Bug in Autoreport creation

Dr. Hardware 2020 20.1.0

- Support for latest AMD Ryzen processors and APUs (including Raven Ridge, Matisse, Threadripper Castle Peak)
- improved reading out of core temperature on new AMD Ryzen processors
- Support for SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading) on AMD Ryzen
- Preliminary support for AMD chipsets B550(A) and A520
- Support for Intel 9990XE (Skylake Refresh)
- Support for Intel Core X Cascade Lake (i9-10980XE etc.)
- updated support for Intel Comet Lake processors
- detailed info on latest Intel Ice Lake mobile processors (10th Gen) - processor socket, internal graphics etc.
- new Intel and AMD reference processors for system benchmark
- Support for Intel 400 and 495 series chipsets
- Support for SMBios 3.3.0
- Support for SMSCSCH5127 and improved support for ITE8655E and ITE8665E sensor chips
- detects new PCI device classes
- Rating Test updated

- Index error in processor list (causing misdetection of some later processors)
- Detection of Zen+ Ryzen processors
- Chipset detection on AMD Ryzen Zen+ systems
- some missing information about Ryzen processors
- naming of various memory modules (PC4-17000 instead of PC4-17056 etc)
- Configurable TDP of various Intel prozessores

Dr. Hardware 2019 19.8.0

- Support for Intel Comet Lake and extended support for Ice Lake processors
- Support for AMD Ryzen/Athlon Zen+ desktop APUs (Raven Ridge)
- Support for new AMD processor features (AVX 256 Bit, SSE 128 Bit etc.)
- Support for various new Intel Pentium Gold and m5 processor models
- detects Net Framework Version 4.8
- improved DirextX version identification
- Bugfix:
- Support for Intel Whiskey Lake processors
- wrong identification of Athlon 300U
- identification Intel Iris Plus 640 Graphics Device


Dr. Hardware 2019 19.6.0

- Support for new AMD processor features (SEV, SME etc.)
- Support for AMD chipsets A300, B300, X300, X570
- Security: Updated MS Defender detection
- Bugfix: PCI register list

Dr. Hardware 2019 19.5.0

- Support for new Intel Mobile Coffee Lake processors (i9-9980H/9980-H, i7-9850H/9750H etc.incl. i3/i5 models)
- Detailed support for AMD Zen 2 architecture (Ryzen Matisse processors)
- improved support for AMD Zen+ architecturee (Picasso APU´s)
- User interface improved thanks to optimized result presentation (master detail table design and dimensioning)
- Potential problems are highlighted
- New: System test, lists known device, driver and other hardware problems, potential weaknesses and unusual system anomalies
- improved support for Intel Mobile M processors

Dr. Hardware 2019 19.3.0

- New: visualization of processor features (important CPU features are compared to reference processors)
- Support for Intel Skylake-X processors (7800-X, 7900-X, 9800-X, 9900-X)
- Support for Intel Whiskey Lake and new Intel Coffee Lake Refresh processors
- extended Support for Intel Amber Lake processors
- TDP information of the for Atom Z3600/Z3700 processor series
- Detailed information about new AMD Ryzen Mobile processors (model 3750H etc.)
- Drive list: information about bus type (USB, (S)ATA, ATAPI etc.) and identification of the underlying physical drive
- Benchmarks: visually improved result presentation
- Hard drives benchmark: reference table updated

- Detection of older AMD processors (Athlon 64 etc.)
- Windows Security analysis: potential test abortion during Browser-Plugin-Scan
- SMBios/Sensors/Fan: Fan names

Dr. Hardware 2019 19.0.1

- improved installation routine (fixes problems with driver updates)
- Detailed analysis of various Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn processors

- Identification of DDR1/DDR2 SDRAM capacity

Dr. Hardware 2019 19.0

- Support for Intel Core processors 9th generation (Coffee Lake Refresh)
- Identification of AMD Ryzen Pinnacle Ridge processors
- Detailed information about all AMD Ryzen processors (code name, processor type, target platform, integrated graphics, TDP)
- Temperature offsets for Ryzen processors updated
- Extended Support for AMD Llano processors (family 12h)
- Preliminary Support for Intel Amber Lake processors
- Support for Thermal Design Power (TDP) of Intel Skylake, Apollo Lake,Braswell and Sandy Bridge processors
- Extended Support for Intel Atom N400, D400, N500, D500 processors
- Improved Fintek sensor Support, now including further chips (F71808A, F71889A, F8000, F81768D, F81865, F81866)
- Windows analysis: information about license status
- Update of internal databases:
- Intel processors: Platform ID and Microcode Update
- memory vendors
- List of installed devices: information about configuration status
- System overview analysis optimized
- User Interface: improved readibility thanks to adapted font configuration

Dr. Hardware 2018 18.8

- Windows 10/64 Bit: Access to hardware informations thanks to updated kernel driver improved
- extended support for Intel Atom Z8000 processors (technology, mikro architecture, TDP, temperature - and PowerSensors etc.)
- Running processes: support for 64-Bit processes
- Security analysis: Detection of Microsoft Defender and McAfee Antivirus software updated/extended
- Analysis of Power Sensors (RAPL) improved. Now configurable via expert setup
- various minor improvements

- Mainboard Details/Memory: Column titles

Dr. Hardware 2018 18.7.0

- improved identification of AMD Ryzen, 2nd generation Ryzen,
Ryzen Threadripper and Epyc as well as information about processor steppings
- Intel processors: support for Platform ID, Microcode Update,
Process technology, code name, micro architecture name, internal graphics,
Radeon Vega M graphics, TDP (Thermal Design Power), extended energy analysis
- Processor features: support for AVX512, UPMI, TXT
- detects Intel chipsets H370 and CM246
- chipset: detailed information about Intel 200 and 300 series chipsets
- Serial Presence Detect (memory info): support for numerous further Intel
SMBus Controller
- Sensor analysis: considerably improved support for Nuvoton NCT6779 and NCT679x
- SATA analysis: support for Power Disable Feature and Out of Band Interface
- New: List of Windows built-in tools, tests and professional utilities
(can be executed from inside the software)
- Internet Benchmark:
- improved measurement of minimal data transfer rate
- DTR listed as kBit/s values now
- updated system benchmark reference table
- modernised register access method, avoids BSOD problems unter Windows 10
and/or with newer Intel processors

- Security analysis/Event protocol: Device identification bug
- Program Update Service: Detection of current version

Dr. Hardware 2018 18.6.0

- Support for SMBios 3.2 (new processors, new Sockeltypen, Port-Typen,
extended memorymodulinformationen)
- Support for Intel chipsets H310, B360, Q360, Q370, Z390, QM370, HM370
- Support for AMD chipsets X470 and B450
- USB-analysis: Support for zahlreiche new USB-Geräteklassen
- USB-analysis: detects ca. tausend new Hersteller
- Windows-analysis:
- detects Windows 10 Creator´s Update
- Support for Net Framework Version 4.7/4.7.1/4.7.2
- gibt an, ob 32- oder 64-Bit-Version installiert ist
- Security analysis/Ereignisprotokoll: berücksichtigt installierte Geräte
- Netzwerkanalysis: Information zur Internetverbindung
- Detailed information about Sockel AM4 chipsetsn (unter Vorbehalt wg. fehlender Datenblätter)
- processoranalysis: improved resultpresentation
- Codeoptimierungen

- Spaltenaboutschriften der SMBios-Tabellen Ports and Busslots
- fehlende information zu AMD-chipsetsn
- Level-3-Cache information of the bei AMD processors
- kleinere typografische error
- Potential Endlosschleife in Windows-analysis (Net Framework Erwithtlung)

Dr. Hardware 2018 18.5.0

- Support for Ryzen G (Vega) processors inkl. Anzeige der processortemperature
- SMBus-Support for AMD Ryzen processors (ermöglicht SDRAM-analysis)
- Video-analysis: Detailed information about AMD/ATI graphicskarten inkl. temperature information of the
- Support for Pentium/Celeron N3000 processors
- improved Detection of SoC-basierten chipsetsn
- SDRAM-analysis:
- Support for DDR4-Module improved and extended
- preliminary Support for Intel XMP 2.0
- gibt Chip- and Modulbezeichnung an (z.B. DDR3-1600/PC3-12800)
- Sensors-analysis:
- Support for Nuvoton NCT6795 and NCT6796 Sensorchips
- improved Support for all Nuvoton Sensorchips
- Support for dutzende further ITE-Chips
- Support for mehrere ITE-Chips auf einem Mainboard
- drives/Partitionen:
- detects dutzende further GPT-Partitionstypen (u.a. Linux, Chrome etc.)
- further Details zu GPT-Partitionen
- gibt SMBios UUID aus
- System-Benchmarks: now with AMD Ryzen Leistungswerten
- Hilfethema "processor" stark updated, further Hilfethemen aboutarbeitet.

- SockelIdentification Atom Z8000
- ausgehandelte Geschwindigkeit of SATA-Hard drives
- Liste der Prozesse: Dateiversion and Dateidatum

Dr. Hardware 2018 18.0.0

- Detection and Support for Intel Core processors der 8. generation
- Liest temperature senor of AMD Ryzen and AMD processors der Familie 15h/6Xh aus
- Support for Intel chipsets Z370, HM175, QM175, CM238
- stark extended chipsetDetection auf AMD-Systemen inkl. Ryzen
- Windows-analysis: Anzeige der .Net Framework Version
- Serial Presence Detect: Support for ca. 100 new Hersteller-ID´s
- Serial Presence Detect: Support for LP-DDR3/LP-DDR4 and Hybrid Module
- Windows-memoryanalysis: aussagekräftigere and zusätzliche Informationen
- Rating-Test: diverse Anpassungen an new Entwicklungen, stäkere Gewichtung
der Anzahl der processorkerne
- Benchmarks: new Vergleichssysteme im System- and Internetbenchmark

- Sockel information of the of Intel Core processors der 7. generation

Dr. Hardware 2017 17.5.0

- Support for Intel Core X Series processors
- updateder Support for Intel Core processors der 7. generation
- Support for Series 200 Intel-chipsets (Z270, H270, B250, Q250,
Q270, X299)
- genauere Unterscheidung vieler Intel 100 chipsets (H110, H170, Z170, Q170,
Q150, B150, CQM170, HM170, CM236)
- Support for AMD Ryzen processor
- Support for skalierbare Xeon processors
- Mainboard-analysis: Anpassung an SMBios 3.1.1
- extended Sata/SSD-analysis (Security Erase/Sanitize Feature, Protokollversion)
- mehr Informationen about NVME-drives
- detects new Windows-Editionen (Windows S, Education, Mobile etc.)
- Sensors-analysis: Support for zahlreiche new ITE-Sensorchips

- SockelIdentification auf AMD APU´s Familie 16H

Dr. Hardware 2017 17.0.0
- Support for Intel Core processors der 7. generation (Detection, temperature )
- Support for NVMe drives: Produkt- and SMART informationen
- memorymodul- information auf Asus-Mainboards with LGA2011-Sockel
- processor-analysis: information of the of Maximal- and Bustakt, SOC-Hersteller
- processor/Mainboard-analysis: Anpassungen and Erweiterungen gemäss SMBios 3.1
- Support for new Intel processorfeatures
- Reading out of des Windows-Produktschlüssels unter Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

- potentialr error bei Reading out of of DDR-4-Modulen (Serial Presence Detect)

Dr. Hardware 2016 16.5.0
- updateder Support for Intel processors der 6. generation
- Support for Intel Xeon E3/5/7 v3-v5
- Reading out of der processortemperature furtherr Intel processors
- Support for new Intel processorfeatures (SHA, SGX, PSE-36, Memory Protection Extensions)
- Support for AMD processors der Familie 15h Modell 70h-7Fh
- Security-analysis: Abfrage datenschutzrelevanter Windows-Dienste now ab Windows 7
- Security-analysis: Security abfragen and Eventliste extended
- Windows-configuration: Auflistung der Aufgaben im Taskmanager

- Wrong interpretation of installed Security packs under Windows 7/8

Dr. Hardware 2016 16.0.0
- Support for Intel Core processors der 6. generation (Sockel LGA1151)
- Support for Intel 100 Series chipsetfamilie
- Support for Nuvoton NCT6793D Sensorchip
- Security analysis: Anpassungen an Windows 10, Eventliste extended
- improved Support for Windows 10 (u.a. präzise VersionsIdentification)
- improved Support for DirectX 11.1, 11.2 and 12.0
- Green-Test: Hintergrandinformationen zur Elektrosmog-problematik updated
- Anwendung wird auch auf eingeschränkten Benutzerkonten with Administratorrechten
gestartet (erforderlich zur ordnungsgemäßen thanks toführung der Hardwareanalysisn)

- Detection diverser newrer AMD processors

Dr. Hardware 2015 15.5.0
- Support for Intel Core processors der 5. generation and Atom Z8000
- Support for AMD APU´s der Familie 15h/Modelle 60h-6Fh
- Security -analysis updated and extended
- Datenaktualisierung for extended Bios informationen (SMBios 3.0)
- detects fast handert new Hersteller of DRAM-memory
- Support for new Intel processorfeatures
- improved Detection of Atom processors auf Tablets
- preliminary Support for Xeon Phi Coprocessors
- detects Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2
- Rating-Test: Anpassungen

- HDC processorfeature-Detection
- Detection Windows Server 2012

Dr. Hardware 2015 15.0.0

- Support for Intel Core M processor
- Support for Intel Xeon E5 16xx/26xx v3 processors
- support for Intel Core i7 59xx/58xx processors for LGA2011-v3 Socket
- Support for Intel X99, C610 and NM10 chipsets
- Support for SMBios 3.0
- New: Informationen about Netzteil (SMBios)
- Support for new processorsteppings
- Support for new processor-Befehlssatzerweiterungen and -features
- Support for AMD A88X FCH
- Detailed information about newren APU-chipsetsn (FCH)
- Identification memorymodulcapacity of DDR4 memory

Dr. Hardware 2014 14.5.0
- Update Detailed information about Intel Core i7 processors der 4. generation
- Support for Sandy Bridge E/EN/EP
- improved Support for Core i7-3xxx for LGA2011 Sockel
- Support for Intel Atom C2000 processorfamilie
- Support for AMD processors Familie 15h/Sockel FP3 and FM2r2
- Support for AMD processors Familie 16h/Sockel FT3b and FP4
- Support for processortemperature auf newren AMD processors
- Support for new Intel processor-Features (HWP etc.)
- Update Cache-Deskriptoren of Intel processors
- improved Programmstabilität auf Systemen with Intel X79 chipset
- Support for Intel Z97/H97 chipset
- extended SMBus-Support for newre Intel-chipsets
- Support for new SATA-Features
- preliminary Support for DDR4 memorymodule
- preliminary Support for Nuvoton NCT6792D Sensor Chip

- Programmabstürze bei Reading out of der digitalen processortemperature

Dr. Hardware 2014 14.5.0
- Update Detailed information about Intel Core i7 processors der 4. generation
- Support for AMD processors Familie 15h/Sockel FP3 and FM2r2
- Support for AMD processors Familie 16h/Sockel FT3b and FP4
- Support for processortemperature auf newren AMD processors
- Update Cache-Deskriptoren of Intel processors
- Support for Intel Z97/H97 chipset
- Support for new SATA-Features
- Support for DDR4 memorymodule

Dr. Hardware 2014 14.0.0
- improved processorsockel-Detection of Intel Core i CPU´s/4. generation
- more precise processoridentifizierung of Intel Core i CPU´s der 2. and 4. generation
- detects Intel Xeon E5 V2, Xeon E3 V2, Core i7/Sockel LGA 2011,
Celeron/Sockel LGA 1150, Atom Z36xxx/Z37xxx
- improved Detection diverser Intel Atom processors
- Support for diverse newre Xeon 5600 processors
- Support for Intel Ivy E and Ivy EP Bridge
- Information zum Energieverbrauch of Intel Core processors 2. generation and ff.
- Support for new processor-Befehlssatzerweiterungen and andere Features
- Support (Detection bzw. Detail information) for AMD chipsets SR5650, SR5670, SR5690,
RS690, RS780, RS880 and 990FX
- Information zur Power Management configuration of SATA/SSD drives (DIPM/HIPM)
- Sensors-analysis: funktionelle assignment der temperature Sensors auf ausgewählten
- Support for Nuvoton NCT6106, NCT6779D, NCT6791D Sensorchips
- improved Support for Nuvoton NCT6775F, NCT6776F Sensorchips
- improved Support for LPC47M192-Sensors (z.B. MSI Mainboards)
- zuverlässigere Produktnamen-Detection of PCI Geräten
- Support for new memoryhersteller
- new Systembenchmark-Vergleichswerte

- zusätzliche Beschreibungen einiger processors
- Identifizierung newrer memoryhersteller
- assignment processorfeatures - Support

Dr. Hardware 2013 13.6.0
- improved support for Fintek sensors on MSI mainboards
- Bugfix: System crash while reading out processor temperature

Dr. Hardware 2013 13.5.0
- Support for Intel Core processors 4th generation, Atom S1220/S1240/S1260,
new Xeon E5 processors
- Support for new Intel Core mobile processors
- Support for AMD 970/990/990FX and Intel X79, Z87, Z85, M86, H87, HM87,
Q85, Q87, QM87, B85, C222, C224, C226, H81 chipsets
- Mainboard and mainbios analysis updated (support for SMBus 2.8)
- improved and updated detection of processor temperature
- temperature window in system tray now supports processor temperature
- Alert function improved
- Support for ITE sensors improved
- detects AMD Fusion Controller Hub (FCH)
- chipset information onf AMD Family 15/16h systems
- Monitor analysis improved
- Memory analysis: Support for Intel X79 and Series 8 chipsets, new AMD chipsets
- Support for new memory vendors and additional information about DDR2, DDR3 and FB-DIMM modules
- Support for about hundred new nVidia/AMD graphics chips (PCI analysis)
- Support for new processor features, steppings and cache parameters
- (S)ATA analysis: detects SSD drives and SMART attributes of many models
- PCI analysis: updated detection of basis-/Sub basis class and interface
- improved and extended informationen about hard drive partitions
- USB analysis, System monitor and device analysis under Windows 8 improved
- modernized SMBios access
- identifies hidden foldersr (analysis Software/Windows/configuration/Folders)
- new Benchmark reference values

- (S)ATA analysis: some detail information
- Bios analysis: information about Cache
- UEFI Bios detection
- some information about DDR2 and FBDIMM modules
- Information about processorcache on Intel-CPUs

Dr. Hardware 2013 13.0.0
- Green Test:
Interactive workplace risk analysis related to pollutants and electro smog

- detects Intel Core i5, i3, Pentium G/3rd generation processors,
Core i7 (LGA 2011), Atom Z600, D2000 and N2000 processors, new
Pentium and Celeron processors/2nd generation
- detects AMD E2-2 APU, Firepro(tm) APU, Opteron 3200, 3300, 4300, 6300
Server processors
- Support for Intel chipsets Q75/Q77 Desktop, QS77/NM70 Mobile
- (S)-ATA analysis: support for ACS-2/3 (detects CFast and
TRIM Support)
- detects new processor steppings
- Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
- Support for new GeForce 500/600 graphics chips
- Rating Test: updated in accordance to new performance/hardware standards

Dr. Hardware 2012 12.5.0
- detects Intel 3rd generation Core i7, i5 Desktop and Mobile,
Xeon E5
- detects AMD APU´s E1-1, E2-1, R, A Series Mobile, Opteron 4200
and AMD FX 4000/6000/8000 processors
- Support for Intel Series 7/C216 chipsets:
B75, Z77, Z75, H77 Desktop, C216 Server/Workstation, UM77, HM77,
HM76, HM75, HM70 Mobile
- extended support for Intel Series C6/C200 chipsets
- detects new Intel and AMD processor steppings
- Support for new Intel/AMD SMBus controllers (->memory analysis and
tempearture inquiry)
- detects new AMD HD Radeon and Firestream graphics chips
- PCI analysis: Support for new device types
- detects new nVidia GT and GTX graphics chips (GTX 670/680/690 etc.)
- Support for new memory vendors (Jedec org)
- Support for Nuvoton W83L786NG, ITE8721F, ITE8728F, ITE8782F,
ITE8783F mainboard sensorchips
- detects Windows Server 2008 R2

Dr. Hardware 2012 12.0.0
- detects new Intel i3, i5, i7, Pentium and Celeron Sandy Bridge processors,
Pentium G9560, Pentium E5000/U5000/P6000, Xeon E1200, Xeon E7
- detects AMD APU´s (AMD A, C, E, G-T- and Z-Typen), Athlon II XL/XLT,
Opteron 6200
- Reading out of digital processor core and package temperature (Intel-CPUs)
- Reading out of thermal sensors on new AMD CPUs
- Support for processor temperature sensor under 64-Bit Windows
- Support for Nuvoton NCT6775F, NCT6776F and Winbond W83627DHG-P temperature sensors
- detects UEFI Bios
- Support for SMBios 2.7.1 (new processor socket typen, PCI Express 3 Slots)
- Support for AMD chipsets SP5100, SR5690, SR5670, SR5650
- Support for Intel chipsets Q67, Q65, B65, H67, Z68, P67,
H61, C202, C204, C206, QM67, UM67, HM67, HM65, QS67
- detects new NVidia GeForce GT/GTX, Quadro and Tesla graphics chips
- detects new ATI/AMD Radeon, Mobility Radeon and FirePro graphics chips
- detects new processor steppings
- CPU Benchmark list updated
- Support for new memory vendors

- CacheIdentification diverser Intel processors
- Detection diverser Intel processors
- Suche nach temperature Sensors auf SMBus

Dr. Hardware 2011 11.0.0
- detects new Core i3/5/7 desktop and mobile processors,
Intel Atom N550 processor, further Xeon 5600 and 7500 models,
Xeon L3406, 3600; further Celeron and Pentiump rocessors
- detects new CPU features (Lightweight Profile, Effective Frequency,
Core Performance Boost etc.)
- Support for nVidia GTX 4xx and 580, AMD Radeon 67xx graphics cards,
numerouse mobile nVidia graphics adapter
- Support for SMBios V 2.7
- extended mainboard information via SMBios analysis
- SATA analysis: support for NCQ Streaming and current speed
- Detection of Blue Ray Disc drives
- Detail analysis visuallyer drives auf mehr als ein drive pro System extended
- Rating Test: adapted to new standards
- Option, to interprete SI prefixes (KB, MB, GB) binary oder decimal
(-> drive capacity calculation)

- potential misdetection of some Xeon processors
- missing detection of (S)ATA drives
- missing detection of some nVidia graphics adapters
- missing result presentation of Benchmark/Optical drives

Dr. Hardware 2010 10.5.0
- detects Intel Core i7-900 Extreme Edition 32nm, i7-880,
new Core i7, i5 and Core i3 desktop and notebook models,
Atom processors N400, D400, D500, XEON 3600, 5600 and 7500 processors
- Detection of Intel Xeon 7200, 7300, 7400, 7500
- detects AMD Sempron X2, Phenom II, Athlon II Neo, AMD V processors
- detects new processor steppings and processor features
- detects SATA 3.0 hard drives
- Support for Winbond W83793 and Nuvoton W83795G/ADG, Fintek F71858, F71862,
F71889ED, F71889F, F71808 sensor chips (partially preliminary)
- Support for AMD chipsets 880G, 890GX, 890FX
- Support for new SDRAM vendors, considering company renamings
- Support for new nVidia graphics cards (GTX 480 etc.)
- Support for Via VX855/VX875 chipset and SMBus
- Support for new ATI graphics cards (Radeon HD 4250, 4290, 5400, 5500, 5700,
5800, 5900 series)

- Detection of TurboBoost and DigitalThermometer processor features
- Detection of AMD Opteron 6100 and 6-Core-Opteron processors

Dr. Hardware 2010 10.2.0
- detects Intel Core i7-930, AMD Opteron 61xx processors
- Support for memory-Kanal- and Adressregister bei Core i7-8xx and Core i5-750

- Detection of Intel processors Core i5-6xx, Core i3 and PENTIUM G5960
- Rating Test: assignment of own values to columns
- Error in help system

Dr. Hardware 2010 10.1.0
- Support for: Intel Core i3, i5-6xx, i7-860S and i5-750S, new AMD Athlon
II and II-X2/3/4, Phenom II X-3/4 and Sempron processors
- Support for new Intel P55 and 3400 chipsetvarianten, AMD chipsets
- detects Core i3/5/7 PCI-Devices
- Option, um Einträge (Zeilen) aus Benchmark- and Sensorstabelle
dauerhaft zu entfernen
- Sensors-analysis: Ausblendung nicht supportser Werte, grafische presentation
der temperature verläufe
- Rating-Test: grafische resultpresentation

- errorhafte Spaltenassignment der Sensorswerte in der Tabelle

Dr. Hardware 2010 10.0.4
- Entitling of own benchmark results

Dr. Hardware 2010 10.0.3
- Column error in sensor analysis
- minor bugs in sensors analysis

Dr. Hardware 2010 10.0.2
- Option, to migrate saved temperature, rating and benchmark values
into new version
- Refresh option improved
- Minor UI improvements

- Help link in program group
- Shareware hints in registered version
- Refresh: Intervall/Loop

Dr. Hardware 2010 10.0.1
- SheetOfGlass effect under Windows Vista/7 (half-transparent GUI)
- Rating Test: Windows 7 issue
- Memory test: Text in Status line

Hotfix for Windows Server 2003 in case, that the number of processor packages,
cores etc. are misdetected: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/932370/

Dr. Hardware 2010 vs. 2009 9.9.5

User interface:
- completely new, modern design
- consistent look & feel of all analysis sections
- considerably improved navigation and usability
- numerous new Report formats (MS Word, XML etc.)

- Support for new processors:
Intel Core i7 860, 870, 950, 960
Intel Core i5 750
AMD Socket ASB1 Sempron, Athlon and Turion(tm) Neo X2 Dual Core,
Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core, Turion(tm) 2 and Turion (tm) X2 Dual Core Processor,
AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 and X4, AMD Sockel-S1g2 Athlon and Sempron,
and further new AMD Sempron processors
- improved detection of processor cores (Intel) -> improved processor detection
- improved AMD Socket type detection
- Support for new processor features
- Support for new Intel cache descriptors
- Support for new processor steppings
- Support for Intel chipsets P55 Express and 3400 and nVidia chipsets
- Support for new Intel SMBus controller
- detects new Intel, NVIDIA and ATI PCI devices
- improved support for DDR3 memory modules
- RAM and Windows memory detection > 2 GB improved

- Identification of some AMD Sempron processors
- Detection of Six Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor and various
Intel processors (Core i7 etc.)
- Support for various software information (Windows etc.) unter Windows 2000
- capacity information for older ATA-3/4 hard drives

- Windows 9x, Me and NT are no longer supported

New features of Dr. Hardware 2009 Build 9.9.5e vs. 9.9.2e

- This update concentrates around the detection of the latest AMD and Intel
- AMD processors: Phenom 2 Triple Core, AMD Sempron(tm) Dual-Core,
AMD Athlon(tm) Neo Processor, AMD Athlon(tm) Dual-Core,
Six Core AMD Opteron(tm), AMD Phenom(tm)II/X4,
AMD Phenom(tm)II/X2 and AMD Athlon(tm) 2 X2
- Intel processors: Atom, Xeon 5500 and 3500, Core i7, Desktop and Mobile
Cores 2 Duo, Pentium Dual Core and Celeron E1600
- detects VIA Nano(tm) processor
- SMBios analysis: update to SMBios 2.6.1
- Dual Core Xeon 5200: improved detection of variants
- Support for Intel Server chipsets 5500 and 5520, VIA CX700, VX800/820
- several detail improvements related to CPU and mainboard analysis via
SMBios inquiries
- Sensor analysis: Support for SMSC DME1737, Asus A8000 and SMSC SCH5027
sensor chips
- detects latest processor core steppings

New features of Dr. Hardware 2009 Build 9.9.2e vs. 9.9.0e

- USB device analysis
- detailed informationen about nVidia video adapters including
temperature sensor readings and CUDA
- separate disdplay analysis with additional informations
(especially digital displays)
- Keyboard and mouse analysis
- List of installed applications

- detects AMD Phenom II, Intel Dual Core Celeron T1x00 and E1x00,
Celeron 2x0, 4x0 and 5x0, more accurater detection of dektop and mobile
Core 2 Duo/45nm processors
- Sensor analysis:
- Support for harddisk, GPU and FB-Dimm temperatures
(Intel Server chipsets 5000/5400/7300)
- Support for Fintek F71805F and F71882FG chips
- Enhanced temperature monitoring in Minimized to tray mode:
- user definable limits, acoustic signals and/or
system shutdown on exceeding of set limits
- more Video adapter information
- lists all supported video modes
- detects Windows 7 as well as further Windows product types
- Windows XP/Vista product key reporting
- DirectX version reporting
- Hardware resources, device list, legacy port and modem analysis
- 1. better execution performance
- 2. extended informations
- 3. improved Windows Vista support
- reporting of Audio and Video codecs and other multimedia devices
- Support for many more Intel cache descriptors (L1-L3 cache detection)

New features of Dr. Hardware 2009 Build 9.9.0e vs. 9.5.0e

- detects Intel Core i7, Xeon 7400/5400/5200/3300/3200/3100,
latest Atom, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo E8xx,
Celeron 500, Celeron M processor types;
AMD Athlon XP, Turion 64 Mobile, Quad Core Opteron/3rd Generation, Embedded
Opteron, Sempron(tm) SI, Turion(tm) X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ZM,
Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM, Athlon(tm) X2 Dual-Core QL
- Support for Intel X58, G41, Q43, Q45 Express, PM45, GM45, GS45, GL40, G35,
Mobile 945GSE Express, US15W, UL11L, US15L, Server 3200, 3210, 5100 chipsets,
detailed info for Intel P/G/Q45/43, PM/GM/GS45/GL40 chipsets;
detailed info (Hypertransport/memory controller) for AMD 10h-CPU systems
(Phenom, Dual & Quad Core Opteron)
detailed info (Hypertransport/memory controller) for AMD 11h-CPU systems
(Turion X2/Athlon X2 etc.)
detects nVidia chipsets 9400M, MCP79, nForce 610M, 630M, 630a, 720a, 730a, 750a
SLI, 780a SLI, nForce 610i, 620i, 630i, 780i SLI, 790i SLI);
detects AMD 740G, 780G, 780V, 790GX chipsets
- detailed memory timing and address info for Intel Core i7 based pc´s
- support for Intel processor sockets 437, 441, LGA 1366
- improved socket detection for AMD processors
- improved detection of processor packages, Cores, logical processors,
Hyperthreading status (preliminary Support)
- detects latest processor coresteppings
- thermal sensor readings on later Intel and AMD CPUs (preliminary Support)
- RAM/sensor test: support for Intel ICH10D/DO
- support for Netbooks, Nettops
- SMBios analysis: support for processor types from CIM specifikation
- support for HP mainboard Bios
- support for latest Intel cache descriptors
- support for current processor features, Intel Centrino 2, Turbo Memory
Controller, Intel Turbo Boost Technology, Intel QuickPath
Interconnect (QPI)
- SDRAM/sensor analysis: support für Intel ICH10, VIA CX800/820, AMD-8111
SMBus controller
- sensoren analysis: support for ITE 8720F, 8726F, SMSC SCH5307-NS,
LPC47B397-NC, SCH5317 Sensor chips
- (S)ATA analysis: support for Free Fall Control, Security Feature, RPM, Form factor,
NVCache (Hybrid-HDs), SMART selftest; reports ATA/ATAPI protocol version
- detects more nVidia and ATI video adapters and more Intel PCI devices
- rating test updated according to latest performance defaults
- detects many more HP and Canon printer and all-in-one printer
- Benchmark data for Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad and Xeon processors

- processor usage window #4
- detection of Intel Core 2 Extreme/Quad
- detection of AMD/CH-D0 CPU stepping
- Intel G35 chipset information
- security test: alert message even with enabled Windows firewall
- SMBIOS/temperature sensor chips: minimum value

New features of Dr. Hardware 2008 Build 9.5.0e vs. 9.0.0e

- Support for Windows Vista 64-Bit!
- Scanner analysis via Twain interface
- Detailed optical drive analysis

- detects latest Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme and Core 2 Quad processors,
AMD Phenom X3 and X4
- Support for G35, G43, G45, P43, P45, X48, 5400A/B Intel chipsets, AMD 780G chipset
- SDRAM analysis: Support for DDR3 and FB Dimms as well as Intel XMP profiles,
detects DDR2 capacity > 1 GB
- SDRAM analysis: Support for SIS southbridge 964, 965, 966, Intel ICH10
- device driver independent ATA/SATA analysis
- updated and improved Windows analysis
- improved device name listing layout for Windows Vista
- detects several hundred current PCI devices
- System benchmark: CPU list expanded

- Cache info for current AMD processors (Phenom etc.)
- Windows/security analysis: grid layout error
- Intel Server chipset 5000P detection
- Intel Xeon processor detection (5300, 7200, 7300 line)
- ITE sensor chips: fan values
- Browser analysis: error that might be followed by program crash

New features of Dr. Hardware 2008 Build 9.0.0e vs. 8.5.0e

- detects Dual Core Intel Xeon 7200 and Quad Core Intel Xeon 7300 processor,
Celeron 400, AMD Dual, Embedded and Quad Core Opteron for socket 1207+,
preliminary support for AMD Phenom processor
- updated detection of Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2
Extreme processors (desktop and mobile editions)
- improved L2 and L3 cache analysis on AMD processors
- support for latest processor features (SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4A, 100MHz Steps,
3DNowPrefetch etc.)
- effective CPU family and model output on Intel processors
- support for Intel 945GME, GM965, PM965, GL960, GME965, GLE960, G31, P31, Q33,
Q35, X38, 7300, E8501 chipsets, partially including detailed descriptions;
detects nVidia nForce 500 and 630, MCP61 chipsets
(nForce 400/405/420/430); detects AMD 770, 790X and 790FX chipsets
- Chipset analysis: support for current AMD processor based systems
( information about RAM, Hyper transport bus, Northbridge)
- IDE/SATA analysis: support for JMicron controller
- SMBios analyse: support for V 2.6, support for multiple processor
- Memory module analysis: support for ALI/ULi 1563 and further nForce SMBus
- Sensor analysis: support for Winbond W83627EHF, W83627EHG and W83627DHG,
improved Winbond chip detection and analysis, overall improved ISA connected
sensor chip detection
- L2 cache detection: support for early Duron, Athlon and VIA CX3 cpus
- Support for latest Intel cache descriptors and processor revisions
- printer analysis: gets default printer on Windows XP/Vista,
further info (supported paper and media types, paper bins)
- detects a bunch of latest PCI devices

Bug fixes:
- AMD Sempron 64 (AM2) detection
- Iomega ZIP and JAZ drives detection
- several chipset informations
- LPC47M1xx Sensor-Chip: analysis error
- program instability after browser test execution
- various bugs running it on Windows NT4

New features of Dr. Hardware 2007 Build 8.5.0e vs. 8.0.0e

- Support for Intel P35, G33, 945GU and 945GC chipset, AMD
690G/V and 580X chipset; detailed information for Intel
chipsets featuring ICH7, ICH8 and ICH9
- detects Celeron D/65nm, Geode LX/NX and VIA C7-M processors
- improved detection of latest Core 2 Duo and Celeron D
processor numbers and steppings, support for new cache
descriptor, 16 Bit brand ID for AMD processors;
improved detection of new Athlon 64 X2 cpus
- Support for nVidia nForce MCP 51/61 chipsets; support for nForce
4/5 enhanced, better detection of ATI Xpress chipsets
- SDRAM analysis: support for Intel ICH9, nVidia nForce MCP61/MCP65,
ATI SB200-600, VIA CX700 and more Serverworks SMBus controller
- Support for LM84, LM85, ADM1023, ADM1027, ADM1031, ADT7463,
ITE8716F, ITE8718F, SMSC 6D100/6D102/6D103/6D103S, SMSC
LPC47B27x/LPC47M14x/LPC47M192/LPC47M292 und MC1066 sensor/
LPC chips; improved ITE8712F monitoring
- support for ULi SATA controller (ATA/SATA analysis)
- detects latest PCI devices
- detects latest SDRAM vendors
- Security test: improved Windows XP sp2 detection
- System benchmark: database update

Bug fixes:
- processor name by vendor
- autorun feature
- detection of current AMD processors
- W83627DHG Sensor detection and support
- temporary report file stored on desktop

New features of Dr. Hardware 2007 Build 8.0.0e vs. 7.5.0e
- Windows Vista support
- Detailed information about Mozilla Firefox Browser
(Settings, Cookies, URL history, downloads)


- detects Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad and Quad Core Xeon processor;
AMD Turion 64 Mobile; AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor;
and latest AMD Dual Core CPUs (socket AM2, F etc.);
improved resp. enhanced detection of Intel Pentium 4 D900/Extreme,
Core Duo/Solo, Core 2 Duo/Extreme, Dual Core Xeon processors.
- improved detection of mobile processors
- detects new CPU technologies (SSE3, SSSE3, Direct Cache Access,
Context ID)
- support for Intel Q963, G965, Q965 and 3000/3010 Server chipsets as
well as later SiS and VIA chipsets and ULi M1695 chipset/ULi M1563/
M1573 southbridge.
- extended extraction of AMI BIOS ID strings
- now comes with 4 separate windows to show current cpu usage of each
processor core.
- support for Intel ICH8 SATA Controller (IDE/SATA analysis)
- SDRAM/sensor monitor support for latest VIA chipsets (VT8237A/
VT8251 SB), nForce 5 series chipsets
- sensor monitor support for Winbond W83627DHG chip
- improved detection of SATA II harddisks
- net drives benchmark: user defined target folder
- enhanced Windows version detection
- accelerated processor/mainboard, SDRAM, sensor, chipset, PCI
and video adapter analysis
- security analysis: improved Service Pack 2 detection, support for
Mozilla Firefox related settings
- GUI improvements on systems with big system font
- Reporting:
- new feature <Reduced detail depth> allows to exclude special
interest stuff from the report file.
- report modules improved <Windows security>.
- HTML report file output improved
- improved context sensitive program help and support for Web help
on Vista.
- Improved program installation on 64 Bit Windows
- Minor improvements, updates (PCI devices, Core steppings, Benchmark
reference data)

- Bitwise output of CPUID Function 1, EAH
- detection of Enhanced Speed Step, Thermal Monitor Control 2 technology
- detection of Intel Q963/965 chipsets
- Award Modular Bios version detection
- SDRAM/sensor analysis: ICH8 support
- Internet-Explorer: Current status of expert settings
- support for harddisk/CD/DVD performance in the rating test
- determination of number of processor cores
- kernel driver load error under Windows XP 64
- ATI Radeon XPress 200 chipset detection
- incorrect data for CPU cores/threads on the SMBios/processor tab
- output of not existing processor serial numbers on later Intel processors
- core steppings for several AMD 64 CPUs

New features of Dr. Hardware 2006 Build 7.5.0e vs. 7.0.0e

- detects Intel Core Duo/Solo, Core Duo Xeon 5000, 7000, LV,
Core 2 Duo, new Pentium D/EE processors
- detects Execution Bit Disable Technology (Intel Processors)
- Support for Intel 940GML, 945PL/GZ/PM/GM/GT/GMS, 946PL/GZ, 955X,
975X, P965, 5000P/V/X/Z chipsets
- detects NVidia nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition, 550/570/590 chipsets
- detects Intel VT/ AMD IOMMU Virtualisation technolgy,
Centrino Duo Mobile Technolgy
- Sensor / SDRAM support for latest Intel chipsets P965, 5000 Series
and nForce4 SLI
- Sensor monitoring: support for Winbond W83792D Chip added
- lists performance profiles for DDR2-RAM modules (with EPP support -
Enhanced Performance Profile)
- SMBios analysis: updated and additions according V 2.5.0;
new: support for sensor/fan structures
- improved detection of Transmeta processors
- detects Windows Vista, Server 2003 R2, .NET
- Rating test: updated rating scheme
- several updates: PCI devices, CPU core steppings,
SDRAM vendors, cache descriptors

- Trace-Cache: associativity
- PCI analysis: Detection of NVidia video adpaters
- Crashes on later Intel CPU machines
- several translation things

New features of Dr. Hardware 2006 Build 7.0.0e vs. V2005
- Support for Windows XP x64 added
- New: Security check (lists running antivirus software,
firewalls, important security related Windows settings
etc.; lists Windows updates, services and device
- New options: program autostart, hide program to system
tray after start, show sensor data in minimized mode
- User interface redesigned, program window sizeable
(thanks for your patience ;-)
- reduced installable exe file size due to new installer
(about 2,3 MB now)!

- improved analysis of multi Core CPUs, detects AMD SVM
feature (Secure Virtual Machine)
- detects new Athlon 64, Opteron and Sempron processors
- detects Pentium4 trace cache
- support for Intel Server chipsets E7221, E7230, E7320,
E8500; Mobile chipsets 845MP/MZ, 855GME, 915GM/PM/GMS, 910 GML;
detects Intel Centrino technology;
shows steppings of several Intel chipsets
- ATA/SATA analysis: more controller supported
- sensor analysis: support for Winbond 83687THF, enhanced
detection of other Winbond Chips;
sensoren data can be saved and are shown in extra grid
- SDRAM/sensor analysis via SMBus: support für a lot of Asus
- Internet Explorer: lists special settings
- Running processes: file Version informationen improved
- more Windows information
- shows contents of system files (autoexec.bat etc.)
- more Windows tools/services can be started out of the
- Rating test: Windows XP x64 support
- database update: PCI devices, SDRAM vendors etc.

- False detection of Intel 852/855 mobile chipsets
- Keyboard test: some keys

New features of Dr. Hardware 2005 Build 6.5.0e vs. 6.0.0e
- ATA/S-ATA hard disks: S.M.A.R.T analysis; hard disk
- Keyboard test to test the function of the keyboard
(keystroke test).

- detects Pentium XE (Extreme Edition), Pentium D, Celeron D;
detects AMD Dual Core processorsen (Athlon 64 X2/Opteron), Turion,
latest Athlon-64/Opteron/Sempron cpus.
- enhanced processor info (details about 32-/64-Bit technology,
socket, current and max clock frequency on notebooks)
- improved mainboard vendor/model detection
- Processor revisions of current AMD processors, core steppings
of Intel processors updated
- detects chipsets nVidia nForce4, ATI Radeon IGP Serie, several
SiS chipsets; improved detection of 910GL,915P/PL/G/GV,
- Southbridge report for Intel, SiS and VIA chipsets
- detailed info for Intel 945G/P, 955X chipsets
- ATA/S-ATA analysis: detects S-ATA 1 + 2 devices, Native Command
Queuing (NCQ); detects capacity above 128 GB
- SDRAM/sensor test: improved support for NVidia nForce2, nForce3,
nForce4 chipsets, latest Intel chipsets with
ICH7/ICH7R I/O Controller Hub
- Sensor test: support for Winbond W83697EHF, LM86/89/99,
MAX6657/8/9, ADT7461
- SMBios processor socket detection updated
- detects many more SDRAM vendors
- detects many more PCI devices
- Support of further file formats in the browser cache viewer
- several small improvements

- Sensor test: Celsius-Fahrenheit conversion
- Intel 925X/XE chipset detection
- partition table reporting
- Bios viewer fixed

New features of Dr. Hardware 2005 Build 6.0.0e vs. 5.5.0e
- PC Rating Test: Runs several tests to determine the
system´s overall index in the range between 0 and 100.

- detects AMD Sempron processor
- IDE/S-ATA analysis: improved support for SATA
- Support for Intel chipsets 915GL/GV, 925XE, E7520
- SMBios: several updates according to SMBios 2.4.0
- detects several hundred new PCI devices
- detects 50 more SDRAM vendors
- new Benchmark results for Pentium 4E 2800 and 3400 MHz

Bug fixes:
- Several bugs of the Bios viewer
- PCI Express analysis (device type)
- Athlon 64 type determination
- SDRAM analysis: year/week of manufacturing,
SPD revision, capacity of DDR2 chips

New features of Dr. Hardware 2004 Build 5.5.0e vs. 5.0.1e
- Partition information for physical drives

Improved, updated:
- detects Pentium 4E ("Prescott"), Athlon 64 FX-53; improved
detection of AMD 64 bit processors, extended CPUID information;
detects NSC Geode and SiS processors
- detects PCI Express devices (incl. detailed PCI Express device
- Support for Intel chipsets 915P, 915GE, 925X, E7525, E7210 and
a number of newer SiS and VIA chipsets
- improved detection of several drive types under Windows XP
- SDRAM/sensor analysis: support for Intel chipsets (915, 925X,
E7525, E7210 - ICH6/6300ESB I/O Controller),
improved support for several SiS chipsets
- Sensor analysis: support for ADM1032, Fujitsu-Siemes Hermes,
improved LM90 detection
- detects new Pentium 4 and Athlon 64/Opteron steppings
- detects SSE3
- Support for SMBios V 2.3.4
- System benchmark results for Athlon 64 3400+

- Drive statistics: large drive information (Integer overflow)
- Detection of several VIA chipsets
- Chipset analysis: S-ATA details Intel ICH5

New features of Dr. Hardware 2004 Build 5.0.1e vs. 5.0.0e
Bugfix: enabled Burn-In-Test in the registered version

New features of Dr. Hardware 2004 Build 5.0.0e vs. 4.5.0e
- Network analysis: Detailed information about Windows
Network, resources, adapter (including IP/Mac addresses),
RAS connections including connection statistics
- Burnt-In Benchmark test suite (registered version only)
- modernized user interface (XP theme support etc.)
- Now there is only one registered version called
Professional Edition, equivalent to the previous Premium
Edition, supporting Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, 2003,
XP (32 bit edition)

Improved, updated:
- detects Athlon 64/64FX/Opteron
Improved detection of Pentium 4 and Celeron (including Mobile
processors), Xeon, Xeon MP, Pentium-III-S and Xeon
preliminary detection of Pentium 4 EE
- Drive benchmark improved:
- measures sequential, random and average read transfer
rate, average write transfer rate and access time.
- Improved test algorithm to avoid wrong results caused
by Windows and/or device cache effects.
- supporting removable harddrives like USB sticks, Zip or
Jaz drives
- Important! Results from previous versions can´t be
compared to the current results
- PCI analysis: more info, support for PCI 2.3,
detects IRQs > 15
- SDRAM/sensor analysis: Support for nForce2 and current
SiS chipsets (645, 650, 735, 746 etc.)
improved support for nForce chipset
preliminary support for nForce3 chipset
- Sensor analysis:
- improved monitoring of Winbond chips
- Improved detection and read-out of SiS950/ITE705F/ITE712F
- support for Winbond W83627THF, W83637HF Chip
- support for Fujitsu-Siemens Poseidon and Scylla chip
- support for LM90 and up to 3 LM75 sensors
- temperature data for Via 686A/B sensor
- SCSI(ASPI): Analysis and benchmark support for Windows NT,
200x and XP
- More information about Windows version
- Analysis Windows/Current configuration: improved detection
of installed devices under Windows 200x/XP
- Analysis Hardware resources: interrupt detection improved
under Windows 200x and XP
- Internet Explorer analysis:
General IE information and settings added
- File statistics: support for many other file types
- improved Transmeta processor detection (TM3200/5400/5600/5800),
preliminary support for Efficeon
- detects Phoenix Award Bios
- detects new PCI devices
- Support for Intel 848P chipset, detects nForce3, current
ServerWorks and ALi chipsets
- Bios viewer: Support for searching of strings, Copyright
string scan and clipboard support added
- DDC monitor information under Windows 200x/XP
- many more useful enhancements

- Exception in SDRAM and sensor analysis after closing the
Properties dialog
- Bios Viewer: Address FFFF0h-FFFFFh (Hex mode)
- PCI Dump: Content of register 90h
- Detection of nForce chipsets
- Printer analysis: list of available resolutions (from index 1)
- various minor bugs

New features of Dr. Hardware 2003 Build 4.5.0e vs. 4.0.0e

New features:
- official Windows 2003 support(s.b.)
- detects the latest CPUs:
Intel Pentium M
AMD Athlon 64/Opteron
VIA CX 3 Nehemiah;
- detects new CPU features:
Enhanced SpeedStep Technology
Thermal Control Circuit (TCC/TCC 2)
- detects new chipsets:
nVidia nForce 2
- Detection and detailed analysis of the
latest chipsets:
(incl. info about DDR400, AGP 8x, S-ATA):
Intel 852GM, 852GME, 852PM, 855GM, 855PM
Intel 865G, 865P, 865PE, 875P
Intel E7205, E7501, E7505
AMD 8000
Intel 450NX
- differentiates between desktop, notebook,
workstation and server chipsets (Intel chipsets
- Further info about Intel (ICH3/4) and
AMD chipsets
- IDE analysis: support for ITE S-ATA controller
- Sensor analysis:
Support for Intel chipsets based on ICH5/ICH5R,
AMD 8111 Hyper Transport I/O Hub, nForce MCP
Support for W83791D sensor Chip
Support for ITE8712F sensor Chip (preliminary)
improved Winbond chip value RAM reading
- detects core steppings of the latest Intel CPUs
- updated CPU detection via Brand ID
- SDRAM analysis
Support for Intel chipsets based on ICH5/ICH5R,
AMD 8111 Hyper Transport I/O Hub, nForce MCP
DDR400 Support
Highest CAS latency included
detects about 100 new memory makers
- detects several hundred of new PCI devices
- SMBios: updated according to SMBios 2.3.4 (thus
detecting new CPUs, CPU sockets and AGP 8x)
- new benchmark results:
- System benchmark: Intel Pentium 4/3.06 GHz,
AMD Athlon XP 2800+, Duron 1200 MHz etc.
- Video benchmark: AGP 4x, AGP 8x
- Windows tools: System recovery tool included

- Intel 7500 chipset - DDR DRAM timings
- Cookie list on Windows XP
- several Windows tools

- Windows 2003 is from now on supported by the
Professional for Windows NT/2000/XP Professional
Ed. and Premium edition